Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Website Launch

Im finally launching a website for my photos, Winnersphoto.com or haolewantpoundpound.com they will both get you there! As of now this blog is pretty much done with, I didnt like what I was or wasnt doing with it. I am however starting a new blog. haolewantpoundpound.blogspot.com for photos, videos and general shenanigans. There will be a link to it on my website so dont worry. There will be a launch party for my website somewhere in the Newport area in the next few weeks (hopefully July 22). I will be launching the website from the party and there will be a LIVE webcast of the event (hopefully) on the site somewhere.
Thanks to everyone that followed my blog for the last few years. I will be dedicating more time to the new site and blog. I hope to update the blog weekly and the website annually. Finally I have made haolewantpoundpound.com apparel. There are pocket t's, beer koozies, stickers and more. If you want some gear I will be selling them pretty much at cost so everyone can rep it! Prints will be available on winnersphoto.com. I cant wait to get this website up and running so stay tuned for info on the launch date and launch party!


Anonymous said...

Very cool picture of you pounding sand.
Nice images. Aquacentric

Wendie Vincent said...

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Wendie Vincent